FOnline Encounter Finder

A tool for FOnline: 2238. Map with possible encounters. The map is pretty accurate, but cannot be fully trusted.

HTML5+CSS3, Javascript, PHP

FOnline Character Planner

A tool made for FOnline games. Makes it easy to plan a perfect character.

HTML5 + CSS3, Javascript, PHP, MySQL


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About Me

Let's just make this short. I'm Niko, 19 years old guy from Finland who likes to create stuff that runs in your browser. I also gladly watch movies, play games, play guitar, hang out with polar bears in sauna and all that basic stuff you can think of.

This website is a small portfolio for my projects. All my projects are written in PHP / JavaScript and using XHTML / HTML5 with CSS(3)... so far. You might need a modern browser to see this page and my projects correctly.

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