Hello, ... this website acts as a portfolio for my personal projects and work projects.

And who am I, you might ask:

SubjectNiko Parviainen
Year of Birth1992 (27 years)
CityJyväskylä (current), Varkaus (hometown)
EducationJAMK University of Applied Sciences
Software Engineering (B.Eng), 2017
Languages and technologiesJava, TypeScript, C#, Angular, Spring, Unity3D, AWS
Other languagesFinnish (native), English
LinksGitHub LinkedIn
CookiesYes, please.

I am Niko Parviainen, a 27-year-old software engineer from Jyväskylä. I graduated as bachelor of software engineering from JAMK University of Applied Sciences in 2017. I moved from Varkaus to Jyväskylä in 2012. In Varkaus, I graduated as datanome and worked for short periods of time as web-developer for couple of companies in Varkaus and Kuopio.

Programming has been a hobby for me +10 years. Main focus right now is on Java (Spring) and TypeScript (Angular). I also have experience with other languages like C++ and C# with Unity3D and the ASP.NET WebAPI.

While programming is fun and all, I do enjoy various other things too. These things include but, not limited to, computer games, guitar and beer.